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Curating Cottage Dreams


For nearly 30 years we’ve been calling Chandos our cottage home. It’s the place where moments are cherished, where food is filled with summer flavour and life seems simple.

Approaching retirement Kathleen and John decided that it was time to bring our passion for uniting people with special treasures and we bought the old Tucker home in Apsley and opened in August 2013.

We get excited when we find that perfect piece for the store and enjoy hearing stories from our visitors about the treasures they’ve found.

Our customers appreciate our varied collection of antique and vintage furniture, lighting and hardware which is perfect for putting the finishing touches on any cottage or home.

Our china, crystal, glassware and earthenware collection is a spot where you can find dishes for entertaining so you can create your own moments and traditions with family and friends.

We also have a selection of tins, military, books, stamps, LPs and musical instruments that can add interest to your decor and help fill out your collection.

With a discerning eye, you’ll find the perfect piece of artwork; from paintings to sculptures and Native beadwork, our stock is always changing.


Chandos Lake at sunset