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White Pine Antiques

Victorian Mahogany Chiffonier C1845

$1,200.00 CAD

The British definition of chiffonier is "a low cupboard, sometimes with a raised bookshelf on top." Oxford Languages

This chiffonier/hutch is truly stunning. It's the perfect size, not too big, so it will fit anywhere.


36" wide X 53" high to the top of the shelf, 36" high shelf not included, and 17" deep.

It sits on a base that is 4 X 16 1/4" X 35 3/4"

The shelf section can be removed. The shelf is 17 1/2" high.

Arrangements can me made for this piece to be shipped anywhere in Canada, via moving company,  at the customer's expense.

This piece was appraised by Godiva Antiques and Gifts Inc. Pickering. Appraisal included with the purchased chiffonier.